Long-term profitability, as well as efficiency and competitiveness, must go hand in hand with social inclusion, profitable economic performance and environmental protection.

Every year we have worked to consolidate a comprehensive strategy on the subject of sustainability. Today we continue developing new competencies that allow us to maintain leadership through innovation, integrity and excellence in our services. Our goal is to keep meeting the needs of market while adopting the best practices in sustainability.



Grupo Axerta’s philosophy is built on five principles that guide all the activities of the organization. These principles are the foundations that motivate and determine our actions and set the standards of our group. These principles are:

Integrity and generosity

We act in a thorough, honest and professional way, through practices that seek the common good and the construction of relationships based on reciprocity, trust, empathy and understanding.

Warmth and quality

We work with enthusiasm and tenacity under a culture focused on kindness and happiness with flexible processes for the fulfillment of our objectives and goals.

Individual development and teamwork

We are convinced that organizational success depends on the productive collaboration of our multidisciplinary teams, which cannot develop without the personal and professional growth of our collaborators.

Innovation and efficiency

The delicate balance between the optimal use of resources and the careful focus on details are essential for the fulfillment of our goals.

Sustainability and social responsibility

We defend respect for the environment and the efficient use of resources as primary criteria for coexistence, the development of communities and the sustainable transformation of cities.